Redmi 5A Official ROM – A Comprehensive Guide


The Redmi 5A, a budget-friendly smartphone released in 2017, has emerged as a popular choice among smartphone enthusiasts and users worldwide. Its budget-oriented price and surprising features, coupled with strong community support, have catapulted it into the limelight. Correspondingly, there’s a plethora of custom ROMs available, providing users with extended functionality, enhanced performance, and the opportunity for customization. Among these ROMs, the official firmware from Xiaomi stands out as a reliable and stable platform while incorporating excellent battery performance. In this exhaustive guide, we delve into the world of Redmi 5A official ROMs, serving as a comprehensive resource to equip you with all the information you need about installation, troubleshooting, and additional features.

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Key Features of Redmi 5A Official ROM

Xiaomi persistently strives to improve and enhance the user experience of its devices, and the official ROMs for the Redmi 5A exemplify this dedication. These ROMs offer an array of key features that make them a preferred choice among users, including improved system stability, boosted battery life, pre-installed Google applications, and the inclusion of MIUI optimizations. In addition, the official ROMs ensure compatibility with a wide range of applications, ensuring a seamless user experience for various tasks and purposes.

Prerequisites for Installation

  • Ensure your Redmi 5A is powered off and connected to a stable Wi-Fi network.
  • Download the appropriate official ROM for your device from the official Xiaomi website.
  • Rename the downloaded ROM file to “” and place it in the root directory of your phone’s internal storage.
  • Charge your device’s battery sufficiently, ideally above 60%, to facilitate a smooth installation.
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Download and Install Xiaomi Redmi 5A Stock Rom (Firmware, Flash File)

Redmi 5a Official Rom

Step-by-Step Installation Guide

  1. Turn on your device and boot into TWRP recovery mode. (Instructions might vary depending on your specific device; consult the XDA Developers forum for more information.)

  2. Once in TWRP recovery, choose “Wipe” and then “Advanced Wipe.” Select “Cache,” “Dalvik/ART Cache,” and “System” for deletion. Swipe to confirm the action.

3.Return to the main TWRP recovery screen and tap “Install.” Navigate to the “” file, select it, and follow the on-screen prompts to initiate the installation process.

4.Once the installation concludes successfully, reboot your device